Working from Home the downsides during the corona virus

Recently I phoned a large company up to ask for assistance and I could hear background noise coming from a distance my own views on big companies allowing their staff and employees to work from home i feel that its not always a good thing.

I suppose its swings and round about however on the phone call today from a big company i could hear people screaming and yelling in the background I personally find this very unprofessional

I mean working from home is okay, and I suppose big companies are allowing their staff to work from home however they have do so with very short notice these big managers and owners of these big companies having thought thoroughly what the benefits and downsides would be to allow their staff and employees to work from home.

This of course demonstrates the downfalls for a big company to allow their staff to work from home.

I hope one day these big companies get back to as they where and provide the top level of customer service where no background noise especially screaming and yelling can be heard.

I mean these employees can work from home however the people living with them should understand that they are working for a big company and screaming and yelling can impact the image of the business.

I always watch TV where tv use webcam broadcasting and so many other things and the people are not bothered if people are in the background.

Image is important in my opinion.


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