Train Receipts My own experience written by Daniel Hall

I entered the train station and i needed to purchase a train ticket as a result i was given a train ticket however i did not know which platforms to stand at so i asked for assistance anyway i was given a receipt that was printed out and i have to say my own opinion on this is its ace. There is nothing worse than having a plan of where you want to get to however unsure what platforms and what times the trains leave that of course makes a train trip or journey 10 times more stressful

This receipt as you can see not only provides the out journey and the time the train leaves it also tells the person what time the train is expected to arrive on this occasion i had 3 changes so this has been a very useful tool for me to navigate my way through the trip on the train.

I cannot recommend this enough i would say it helps train passengers and it keeps the journey organized especially if there are lots of changes and not remembering all the changes the receipt is a great powerful resource.

And it avoids confusion and reduces stress this was printed by Northern Trains and its positive feedback i will be passing onto the company as a train user.

Written by Daniel Hall - Aged 31 - Train Journey Receipts

Daniel Hall

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