The reason for making a complaint to the IPCC Government Organization relating to police

This blog is to talk about why I have decided to write to the IPCC a government organization set up to make police forces accountable. After making previous complaints and reporting many incidents to police I have decided to ask for the IPCC to consider reviewing and assessing my complaints and incident reports.

This has no reflection on the police force and the complaints process however I feel that an independent organization will be able to investigate more in depth to find out if any failings have occurred and if in some of my complaints steps could have been taken in terms of practical implementations.

I feel this is the right move as unfortunate with any organization you cannot dictate or tell an organization what to do they have to make their own decisions however that is why the IPCC is beneficial as they may be able to look further into my complaints and look at incidents that have been reported previously to police.

I am hoping that they will look at my complaints and establish if any practical solutions could have been implemented and in terms of incident reports to establish if any failings have occurred.

Written by Daniel Hall - 31 UK

The aim is to have an impartial view from a different organization and to assess indepth any failings do not forget sometimes companies and organizations will not admit if they have failed someone so getting another independent oversight may spot the failings which will help develop the police service as long as the failings are dealt with.

Daniel Hall

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