The death Penalty in Britain

My opinion on the death penalty is that even though its not right in Britain to have the death penalty and as its been a long time since it was first introduced in some cases it seems the right thing to do ""

I suppose in my opinion its not right for the UK however thinking about it though I suppose in this day and age it does not matter what peoples opinions are.

The law is in place to stop this happening however I suppose the Government could however

in some cases though some people may think if someone is dead then it solves the problems of society.

Human rights should always be protected at all cost however the death penalty is a cruel and irreversible decision and no state or country should introduce such measures.

I do not believe in harming other people or taking away their lives no matter what that person may have done.

Spotted an article online about this issue its a controversial subject however everyone has their own opinions.

Daniel Hall

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