Started writing my book

This blog is about my book that i am writing about starting up a business in print and design. The book will have a bar code on the back cover of the book and will be printed on a demand basis only. The book shares my own experiences of setting up a business in print and design and to help promote my business Dan's Print and Design also as a way to gain more visibility and encourage individuals and businesses to visit the business online.

I am in the process of finding a reliable cheap front book and back book cover designer who will design the covers as I require them.

The front cover design has a design of a space rocket as I felt this was an appropriate design.

The inside of the book will have contents and chapters with different subject titles to separate the book up and make it more digestible and more easy to understand.

The book is to also provide motivation to other people considering setting up a business for the first time by sharing my own story it helps others also.

As each book writer has a different slant to it or the way the business has been set up.

I am happy that I have started making progress and the hope is to have the book completed and written and proof read before December 25th 2020 ready to be available to order from 1st January 2021.

Orders for the book will be limited and restricted to very small amounts of people due to time constraints and the purpose of creating the book in the first place however the book will be printed on a demand basis.

I wanted to create the book as its a way for me to share my own experiences and also rather than record a video as I have done in the past where its very difficult to understand by placing everything into words people can read at their own time.

Updates on the book here shortly on this website.


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