Queens Speech on ITV today

Today is Christmas day and as I watched the broadcast at 3pm today I watched the Queens Speech and I have to say I was not impressed with the quality of the broadcast. The reason for this is because I have watched many of Her Majesty's Christmas Broadcasts and in the past many of her videos have been of decent quality especially less religious focused and more festive and Christmas themed with a hint of motivation and her own experiences also.

Why I am not very happy with this years broadcast from Her Majesty the queen is for 2 reasons

the first reason is because her speech talks about people from all faiths it does not mention none

The wordings in her broadcast for the Christmas speech should have been more carefully considered to focus on non religious and atheists as well as religion as well.

The main reason for this viewpoint is because a large majority of the country is non religious and atheists and some are religious also as a result the words could have included religion or non

this then includes religion and non religious in her message if she had mentioned faiths and non.

Why I feel this is important is because I feel that due to Christmas being a festive time and yes religious orientated also the video has talked more about religion and the bible so imagine how the non religious or atheists viewing the broadcast would feel having a mixture and including the non religion also would have made the speech a-lot more motivating and more inclusive.

The other reason why what I said above is important is because the speech Her Majesty the Queen made has to be broadcasted on TV and was broadcasted on ITV, the TV company has policies to follow to ensure their broadcasts are impartial and inclusive to everyone with or without religion.

So her words when broadcasting could have been more inclusive.

If the TV company or the people responsible for recording the speech had understood their policies then maybe they could have encouraged her to use such words before broadcasting

Why this is important is because TV Companies morally and legally have to ensure they reach audiences and be inclusive.

Of course the queen has to be impartial and no matter what her religion is she has to stay impartial and so when recording for Christmas speeches it would have been nice if she had made her video inclusive to non religious and atheists and the words used like religion and for non also would have been better to include non religious and atheists

As her speech is a Christmas speech broadcasting on TV of course the queen has the right to freely say what she feels and has probably carefully thought what she wanted to say.

However the broadcast ends on TV Channels where channels have policies in place to make its content inclusive to all with or without religion.

I felt the person who had recorded the broadcast for the queen could have made her aware of the policies that TV Channels have to comply with and on moral grounds its right to include all people.

Having watched many of Her Majesty the queens Christmas speeches I have to say that this was one her speeches I was dissatisfied with and did not really enjoy watching.

Many of her previous Christmas speeches have been more inclusive and have also been festive also.

In no way am I advocating a non religious speech especially at Christmas time

however I do believe more inclusiveness for all would have been ideal.

The 2nd thing I disliked about the Christmas Speech was the amount of time she recorded the video broadcast.

It was aired on TV for 10 minuets only I feel that it should have been for at least 30 minuets especially at Christmas time this was a quick short broadcast and at Christmas a little bit longer broadcast that was more inclusive of all and non religion also would have made the broadcast a-lot better.

See other videos or broadcasts from the queens speech

Check search engines the broadcasts that I have liked watching over and over again is

Title: We will Succeed Queens Christmas Message

Title: The queens Message 2018

Having watched many of the queens Christmas Speeches this one was not as good as the other ones I have watched previously.

I think the broadcast would have been better having a 30 minuet broadcast rather than a 10 minuet one I felt a bit dissapointed that Her Majesty the queen could only afford 10 minuets of her time to record a broadcast at Christmas time especially at a time when its the festive period a time where you would think she would have more time on her hands.

Written by Daniel Hall - 31 - United Kingdom

Daniel Hall

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