Overused word FAMILY in society

I have recently typed out a blog about the word family being used in society far too much. And you may ask why I think this because the word family stands for a group of people together that form a bond and family can mean many different things. Family in terms of a business organization can class themselves as one big family that basically means they feel they are family and that they build trust and that they are part of a family.

However the word family in marketing products like on cereal boxes, and tv and other places in my opinion is acceptable as family is important however there are many people who prefer not to have a family any longer there are people who have families however they just dont get on or they are across the word so never have time to see them and there are people where families have died or something bad has happened

So for a family that sees marketing products with family on it does cater for them but the marketing companies are failing to realise that it can have a distressing or sometimes downside to its marketing

And one example is I saw a box of cheerios and on the box packaging it says enter for a chance to win a universal parks and resorts family trip of a limetime.

Well what about the people that are on their own single or had family but have died the wording is limiting it to family and not catering for everyone.

What if an elderly person wanted a trip of a life time and they see the box packaging that says family trip of a lifetime well to them reading it and for me personally it can make you feel less important or inferior and this is why I disagree with the word overused and marketing and advertising companies should really think about the impact and how it comes across to the people mentioned above.

For myself I am not too bothered however it still implies that you must have a family and if you haven't then this package is not for you or this competition is not for you. I know it can still be aimed at anyone it may just be focusing on the family however as you can see I would of thought the better wording for packaging in this case would be

A trip of a lifetime rather than A family trip of a lifetime

Why I think this is because I have balanced out the negatives and downsides to the wording and it does exclude indirectly so i would have thought a trip of a lifetime would have been better

and then of course that means if someone picks up the cereal box they wont feel excluded.

After all even a family are single people with their own unique personality

Anyway this is my blog talking about why I feel the word is used far too often and overused I am not saying the word family should be ruled out in conversation however on packaging and where in this example its focusing on one particular type of people.

On a legal basis under the equality legislation in UK it encourages and promotes inclusiveness and to ensure no one is ruled out of anything or excluded or feel excluded in anyway and this is one example where a company has focused on one particular set of people which of course is what marketing and advertising is about however they have not failed to focus on the impact of such wording and how that can affect other types of people.

The company have not breached any legislation however its good practice to think and consider impact to make it neutral and impartial

Written by Daniel Hall - 31 UK

Daniel Hall

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