My photo frame of my brand logo Dan's Print and Design ready for the new year of 2021

People may be wondering what the purpose of having a photo frame with a branded logo inside would achieve well here goes.

For many self employed workers who have their own businesses staying focused and motivated is the key to get work completed and to ensure that business runs smoothly in most cases.

Having a logo or identity or brand to look at keeps people motivated especially the self employed compared to not seeing a logo or brand at all it reminds the person or self employed person that that is their own brand and that the logo is worth putting the work into it and when times are tough or challenging when some people think they should give up on their businesses that logo, brand or identity helps them to stay motivated. For me as founder of Dan's Print and Design the photo frame will be placed where ever I am to keep me focused and motivated when times are challenging.

For blog readers this may help you to keep focused and motivated on business.

Written by Daniel Hall - Founder of Dan's Print and Design

For more motivation check out search engines for motivational tips and advice for business owners and self employed.

Daniel Hall

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