My book front cover design ready for my book available from 1st January 2021

As I sit here writing this blog tonight I have taken the step to create a book cover for my book I am going to be writing over the upcoming months ahead. The book will be available to order as e-book format digital format or by print order however print orders will be restricted and limited.

The book goes into details about my own experiences over the years and how I have managed to set up my own business in Print and Design.

The book also explains and provides useful tips, advice and how I have personally gone about setting up the business called Dan's print and Design.

The purpose of the book is to help others in similar situations and provide inspiration

The book will be available to be ordered from this website from 1stJanuary 2021

The book is available in e-book format, digital format, and print format.

The hope is the book provides an opportunity for people that do not know me to find out more about me from the UK and across the world. The book also hopes to provide inspiration and motivation to new business start ups by sharing my own experiences of setting up Dan's Print and Design and talks about my life and future plans in the book also.


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