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Due to experiencing severe homelessness over the 4 years from 2015 I have been very unfortunate to have committed offences that may otherwise may not have been committed if of course i was stable these offences are of course in the past however i did write an article whilst inside for a short period and managed to get my article published in the prison magazine.

My experience of prison life was not the best in fact the worse it could be and the magazine highlights the issues with prison life.

This was the article published

First time sharing a cell

  • Daniel H - ex-prisoner

I recently suffered my first prison sentence. It was a very worrying time for me and being locked in a cell did little to allay my anxiety. The most uncomfortable note was the fact that I was sharing this small space with someone else. I felt concerned because I snore quite loudly and I was particularly apprehensive about falling from the top bunk in my sleep. I am all for integration into prison life and sharing a cell of course makes this happen, however I feel that the prisons should consider if individual cells could be an option in the future, especially in terms of vulnerable prisoners. Hopefully I will not end up back in prison and will attempt to try and turn my life around for the better.

Daniel Hall

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