How I have walked 50.96 miles over the last 2 weeks before 6th October 2020.

Having spent time walking from one location to another and in some cases the distance is not as far as it sounds however on one occasion

I had to walk to Scunthorpe from a location and it took around 14.6 miles to arrive now all together over the last few weeks I have walked a total of 50.96 miles and having done some basic research this is like walking from Scunthorpe to Doncaster and then returning from Doncaster to Scunthorpe and then setting off again and then returning to Scunthorpe.

Even though it hasn't been too bad its amazing how much exercise I have done and what progress i had made in terms of exercise.

50.96 miles is not something I will be doing often or on a regular basis however what makes it easier if you know the route and know exactly how far you have to go as it can help make the journey a lot less stressful

Daniel Hall

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