Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight 13th December and 14th December 2020

I sit patiently waiting to view the spectacular geminid meteor shower that appears in the night sky and in fact in previous years when I was a bit younger I managed to spot quite a few meteor showers in fact they are bright and some burn up close to the horizon.

What special about this meteor shower is it produces 1 or 2 meteors per minuet where as other meteors are longer in some cases this means the chance to spot quite a few of them every hour is significant if its a clear sky.

Today and tomorrow at the time of typing this blog is the 2 nights that the meteor peaks on and so far over the few days before today all there has been is cloud cover at night time however there is still hope and I will continue to check out for them over the upcoming nights ahead. I aim to try and get a clear spot weather has forecast just after 12 midnight tonight on 13th December there may be some clear spells so I will keep my fingers crossed. I have taken to twitter to have a look at some of the fantastic photos of the meteor shower where people have been able to spot them at night.

If your wishing to look at the night sky take a look if its clear the Geminid Meteor shower is tonight and tomorrow however can be spotted before that date and maybe a few nights after also.

Whats good about this shower is that they are usually bright and produce bright trails to them which is always good when viewing meteors as some are very faint.

Daniel Hall

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