Departure Boards at Train Stations

I am writing this blog today in relation to my previous train tip in the UK where looking at the departure board was essential. A busy train station with lots of travelers and passengers i was advised that the train i was about to board was only for reservation bookings only this means that to board the train you had to have a reservation ticket. I did not have one only a train ticket i purchased so the staff told me how to go about getting a reservation and I had to sit on a particular seat. The thing was i did not know which platform to stand at and there was no public announcement or any platforms showing on the display departure boards i was told it would be updated 5 minuets i stood there waiting for the departure board to show the platform number so i could head to the right platform it took about 5 minuets however i had to find a closer departure board as i struggled to see the other larger departure boards at a distance. As i stood waiting i noticed lots of other passengers stood around looking at the departure boards wondering which platforms to go to.

Now I wish i worn my glasses on that occasion however it got me thinking about what the travelling experience is about.

In the end the platform flashed up on the screen in yellow writing and that was it so feel free to comment do you think that the departure boards are hard to read from a distance comments welcomed.

Written by Daniel Hall Aged 31 - Departure Boards Blogs

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