Daniel Hall with New UK Passport

This blog is about the UK Passports in the UK as the passports have now changed to different colours and as a result I was looking forward to receiving my new UK passport issued in a different colour as previously I have always had a different colour passport.

As you can see in the photograph below this is my new UK passport and I have to say its alot better than the older version of the UK passport and will last for a very long time.

The passport is not only a travel document to travel outside of the UK and to return to the UK the passport is also a legal document which of course can be used for renting properties where ID verification is required, to having to show photographic Identity a passport is more than just a travel document as some people seem to think if I am not going out of the UK its not important however then if asked for photographic ID they have no valid photo ID to show.

I am happy that the passport has arrived a while back and this blog is just a general blog I like the fact that the passport has a protective cover on the main page of the passport and that looking on the back of the passport there is some type of flower shape object I am unsure if there was a pattern on the previous passport issued.

Daniel Hall

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