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As I sit writing this blog today i am providing an update on the progress of my business in print and design a VAT registered Business in the UK that supplies a total of 13 different print related products and a range of print and design related services also.

The business provides logo creation service, logo updating and upgrading services, website creation services and 13 different types of print products in a range of categories.

The business mile stones are

  1. The business officially started trading on Monday 24th August 2020

  2. The business was due to accept orders the week after Monday 24th August 2020 however was delayed due to time issues.

  3. The business started accepting orders from Monday 26th October 2020 however the next steps are as follows

  1. Advertise and market the business to attract customers and clients to the business

  2. Submit VAT Returns every 3 months to HMRC

This is the update the business still has many months to finally get more stable however will take time.

Written by Daniel Hall- Aged 31


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