Bus Stop Signage Layouts of the bus times at bus stops

Having recently spotted a bus sign at the bus stop I noticed how the layouts of the bus times are set out and I decided what better way but to take a photo of the signs to show an example of what I mean.

The bus times are set out going downwards and the number of the bus is in a table going across making it easy to see however in certain areas bus times can be going across.

Take a look at these photos

Having spotted a bus sign I had to admit this sign is different to the ones I usually see or spot when seeing bus signs as you can see with the photos above the information provided at the top shows the bus number and where the bus will be travelling to

And then the list shows the times the buses will arrive at the stop and shows the number of the bus

The signs I usually spot are the ones with a number of the bus and then the times going across the sign rather than downwards and the top part is never usually spotted.

This is what makes this bus sign different and I asked myself between the 2 bus signs I have spotted which bus sign is easier to read and understand and from my own personal viewpoint I would have said across would be easier for the eye however i do like this layout also and wasnt difficult to find the right time for the bus.

Written by Daniel Hall - UK - 31

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