Booking a Holiday & why I feel it is rather complicated and not stress Free at all

When it comes to booking a holiday people think its easy to just pop into a travel agents and book a holiday and the people behind the desk will be the ones that sort everything out however when it comes to booking online which is becoming more popular this is my experience of trying to book a holiday online.

Not only do you have to find a fight that actually flies to the destination you want to go to on the date you want to go to I have noticed that many flights also stop off at 2 stops or 3 stops which means the aircraft has to land and take off and then land again before finishing its journey.

This can cause a huge amount of waiting around, more stress, and in fact would require enough money if having to wait overnight.

I tried to book a flight with a UK Airline to find out that the day i wanted to go on was not available on airlines websites they will have a search tool or a destination search where you type in the start point from airport A to the destinations airport however i found it very difficult to get a flight on the day i required in fact most of the dates where blanked meaning no flights or fully booked up on other days.

You would think it would be a case of search from destination A to B and on the day you want to go and yes you would get the flight you wanted however its not as simple as that.

I mean with the corona virus being a factor possibly in less flights however in reality trying to find a flight on the day you want to depart and then return isnt as simple as it sounds.

So I found a flight search site that searches all flights the date i wanted to go and return and found it more simpler as direct through an airlines website you are only looking at one airline.

The site that searches all airlines compiles latest flight availability.

So if your struggling for a flight take a look at sites that are trustworthy and that compile all flights.

In the end I decided not to go on holiday at the moment however what i did find is how difficult it is and the planning of finance is rather complex.

Written by Daniel Hall

Daniel Hall

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