How to Donate to Daniel Hall's Homelessness Fundraising 

Daniel Hall is aiming to seek support from people in the UK and across the world to support homeless people, individuals and to help relieve the impact homelessness has on the homeless and society as a whole. Feel free to make a donation see below the possible ways to make a donation. Every penny counts and will go towards helping promote training and make society more aware of homelessness and so on. Find out what your donation will go on.

Ways to Donate Financially to Daniel Hall's Homelessness Fundraising

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Pay by Debit / Credit Card

Pay by debit or credit card using the selected options below.

Alternative Methods of Donating

Click here to find a list of all the ways you can make a donation towards the cause to support the homelessness cause.

Paypal Link

To make a kind donation towards supporting the homelessness cause every penny counts so feel free to click on the link and make a donation via paypal.

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Some examples of what your donation has been able to do

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My aim is to make more of society aware of the impact of homelessness on society and also help provide promotional materials to make homelessness more visible to society which in turn will increase awareness.

Projects & Schemes

I also have a vision to set out a plan where i can support projects and schemes that will directly benefit homeless people, individuals and be able to financially contribute to supporting schemes and projects and new projects and schemes also.

Agencies & Non Profits

The money raised and donated will be distributed also to homeless charities, non profits to support the homeless.

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