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Daniel Hall was Born in the United Kingdom originally born in Blackpool however at the age of 3 years old relocated to a town in Northern Lincolnshire a town called Scunthorpe. Daniel Hall attended infant school, primary school, secondary school, and ended up leaving school to attend college to study OCR Level 1 in Business, Administration and ICT. Daniel Hall's main career ambitions was to become a police officer and did some volunteering work for a short period of time where Daniel Hall also applied to become a special constable with a local police force as Daniel has always wanted to wear a police uniform and drive a police vehicle ever since he was young.

Daniel Hall unfortunately did not achieve his career goals and did not make it as a special constable and the volunteer work ended also.

Daniel Hall has also been a long member of a national UK organization where Her Majesty the queen is patron 

and has spent most of his life from a very young age moving up the groups and sections where Daniel had many good memories and has made him stronger in the longer term.

Daniel also decided to help volunteer with the organization and would attend group sessions once a week to help young children and young teenagers develop and also ensure their safety when they attend each week.

The organization was a uniformed organization and I had to wear a uniform and a hat and even joined the band at one point where I marched on the streets of Scunthorpe in my uniform on the roads.

I have been on many camping trips with the organization and have enjoyed every bit of my time with the organization.


Career & Volunteer Experience 

I have had numerous nightclub jobs in the past working for a big nightclub in Leeds West Yorkshire and have had a job working in numerous other nightclubs locally Daniel Hall's main responsibility was to ensure the bar areas was kept clean, glasses where collected from the dance floor to ensure and maintain the safety of nightclub visitors and customers and also had to sometimes help out behind the bar and serve customers and restocking the fridges. I also had to interact with other nightclub visitors this was one perk of the job there is nothing better than to have customers enjoying themselves and drunk and talking to them.

I have applied for over 2,000 jobs over my unemployment period and in most cases never received a response back I have had interviews that I have attended and have been unsuccessful and now is the time that I have decided to take the next leap and become self employed.

I am very ambitious, creative and very good with computers and like working independently and most of my experiences and personality will strengthen my chances of success when it comes to working for myself.

I am now self employed founder of my own business Dan's Print and Design that trades Monday's to Saturday's 9am-12pm UK time. The business will supply a total of 13 different types of print related products and materials to businesses, companies, organizations and none profits in the UK and Internationally.

Orders are processed during trading hours between 9am-12pm Monday to Saturday's and quotes can be provided and payments taken during these times.

Daniel Hall

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